A Talented Team with over 60 years of combines expertise in building and selling businesses

X20 GROWTH gives you the ability to transform your profits by a factor of x20 within 18 months, respectively build a business from scratch with profit-growth that escapes most established businesses.

X20 Growth was created by two veteran businesses.

Paul J. Lange is an organisation that helps business owners & c-level executives grow the asset value of their business to optimise the company to better scale for growth, expansion and a more profitable strategic exit by improving how the business executes 8 strategic disciplines in each of 5 tactical areas and holds them accountable each step of the way.

More info at www.paullange.com.au

Infinity Creative Agency is a team of Creative and Marketing Professionals providing services and solutions designed to help you succeed.

They specialise in providing a wide range of Brand Development, Sales, Marketing, Revenue Generation services and solutions geared to increasing our clients profitability quickly and cost effectively. Solutions that deliver comprehensive results!

They seek to have a significant impact on improving our client’s performance.

Their philosophy recognises the importance of developing and sustaining long-term client relationships and effectively managing the balance between creating, communicating and delivering value.

At Infinity Creative Agency, we respect our clients and their investments. Our Client’s Success – Is Our Success!

More info at www.infinitycreativeagency.co